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Amethyst bracelet


Due to its attractive colour, amethyst is one of the most popular stones for ornamental and jewellery making. But beyond this "aesthetic" point of view, amethyst is also a stone that is at the heart of a legend, the one that went around the world during antiquity. Also, the various virtues of amethyst make it a very popular stone in the field of lithotherapy.

What is amethyst?

The name "amethyst" comes from the Greek "amethystos" which means "not to be drunk". Indeed, initially, this stone is considered to be the stone that protects against drunkenness. A name that refers to the Greek legend of Dionysus, the God of wine. This legend tells that, in a fit of anger, he decided to take revenge on the first human being that came within his reach. Fate thus fell on the young Amethyst. The god then unleashed tigers on her. Except that Artemis intervened at the moment and the girl was transformed into a quartz statue. Riddled with regret and remorse, Dionysus dropped his cup of wine. The latter splashed the statue and dyed it purple.