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Dream catcher bracelet

Bracelets are ideal accessories to complement any type of look. They easily adapt to the personality of the person who wears them and generate a unique and special touch like sunglasses or watches. For a long time, bracelets have been very popular accessories, able to show the style and elegance of each particular person.

If chosen correctly, a bracelet can be perfect for special occasions and when an elegant detail is needed, but it can also accompany everyday life and daily activities, reinforcing the style and personality of the person who wears it. The variety of bracelets that can be found today on the market is so wide that we will tell you below everything you need to know to make the right choice.

The importance of dream catcher bracelets 


The use of certain accessories travels through time. An emblematic case is that of bracelets, which have become a tradition to complement any style. Since ancient times it is possible to see people adorning their hands and arms with different types of pieces. This tradition continues to this day and is adapted to each particular culture. Today, bracelets and other hand and arm pieces are considered part of a person's identity and personality.

Bracelets are a type of accessory that becomes part of someone's body and personal language. Many people place a large part of their essence, their tastes and their history in the bracelets they choose for each of their outfits. Whether it's wearing the same bracelet every day or selecting a different one for special events and another for every day, a person's style and a large part of who they are is represented in the bracelets they choose to wear on their wrists. Whether it is a cheerful person, an extrovert, an elegant person, someone who wants to make an impact, someone who wants to show femininity, the choices of bracelets are very wide and allow to show the best of each one.


How to choose a dream catcher bracelet ? 

Dream catcher bracelets by material

One of the ways to classify bracelets is by the material they are made of. This is an excellent starting point when choosing. Some women have a special predilection for gold (actually platted or not). If so, it is important to know what color gold is your preference, since you can find gold bracelets in more yellow tones, but also in pink tones or white gold. Nowadays, you can also find dream catcher bracelets made of semi precious stone like: 

  • quatz 
  • Enamel
  • rhinestone
  • peal
  • citrine
  • opal
  • turquoise
  • rhodium
  • topaz
  • so as on

Another possibility is silver bracelets. Nowadays, more and more women prefer silver as a material of excellence for their jewelry, especially for bracelets. One of the reasons for this has to do with the fact that it is a tone that is very easy to combine and that does not lose brightness or color.

One way to choose the material of the bracelet is to pay attention to the rings that the woman wears. The bracelet should not clash with these rings, so observing what the rings that someone wears frequently look like would help guide the search for a good dream catcher bracelet.

Dream catcher bracelets according to their shape

The importance of bracelets to complement all kinds of styles has led to the development of many shapes of this accessory. Nowadays, the diversity of shapes is such that it can be a bit difficult to choose, so here's what you need to know about the most common shapes of bracelets and how to match them to the personality and style of each particular woman.

If the woman to whom you want to give the bracelet is looking for a modern touch, we can find a wide variety of bracelets based on geometric shapes. Among the preferred geometric shapes for bracelets we find circles who are very trendy, ovals of different sizes, rectangles, among other infinity possibilities.

One of the most popular types of dream catcher bracelets for a large number of women is bracelets with stones. These can be easily adapted to both special occasions and moments of everyday life. It will depend especially on the color of the bracelet, its material and the particular characteristics of the stone such as its type, its tone, its size, among other things. It is possible to find bracelets with sapphire stones, with diamonds, ruby, emerald etc. among others gems. But for most of the time you can also find some made of sterling-silver.  

The most sought after types of dream catcher bracelets

Dream catcher rope bracelets

Rope bracelets are the most sought after by women looking to create casual looks that can be applied to virtually all types of daily life activities. These are available in many different colors and materials, depending on the preferences of each particular woman and are easy to match with different types of outfits. It is a type of bracelet that can work well for daytime outings, for attending schools and for all kinds of gatherings with family and friends.
Among the different types of bracelets, bangles are one of the most in demand today. They have been very fashionable for some time now and are considered a classic type of bracelet. Generally, what is known as a bangle is composed of a solid ring, without a clasp or clasp. It is the type of bracelet that is placed by sliding the hand inside it until it reaches the wrist. In general, it is a piece that should be loose because it has a suitable size to be slid in this way.

This loose fitting feature is something that may not appeal to people who wish to generate a lower profile and not draw attention to their jewelry. Bangles tend to be larger and flashier than other bracelets and give you a very glamour side. This feature does, however, make them ideal for those who want to show off a distinct style while keeping a bohemian side of dream catchers.

Dream catcher cuff bracelets

We have talked about cuff bracelets before. However, there are different types of styles of this type of piece. With the passage of time, the cuff bracelet has become one of the most sought after. This is a wide type of cuff bracelet that features an opening. Although it is placed in the same way as other dream catcher bracelets, sliding down the hand until it reaches the wrist, it is a type of bracelet that has an additional opening that generates a special style.

Dream catcher chain bracelet

One of the most demanded types of bracelets is the chain bracelet and also one of the most elegant one. It is a type of bracelets, moreover, frequently worn by both men and women. In general, these bracelets are made of metal, which can be either silver or gold or rose gold, and include a clasp that ensures that the bracelet fits the size and shape of each individual's wrist. The clasp can be a ring clasp or what is known as a lobster clasp.

One of the main advantages of this type of bracelet is its versatility. This is embodied in different textures and shades, which allows to obtain unique jewelry adaptable to each style and personality. Today, we can find a wide range of chain bracelets completely different from each other with or without feathers for instance.

Dream catcher bracelet with pendants

For those who are looking for a special touch, we find bracelets with pendants. The pendants can be very diverse, finding different types of pieces, stones and colors. It is a way to obtain a unique piece with great personality, perfect for important moments like a weddings (brides and bridesmaids ;)). The possibilities of bracelets with pendants are practically endless. If you like bracelets, discover our dream catcher earrings in our online jewellery!

Tennis dream catcher bracelets

What is known as tennis bracelets is a type of bracelet that is very suitable for all kinds of events, especially formal ones. It is not a type of bracelet that is usually chosen for everyday activities, since its design makes it more suitable for special moments. A perfect gift with a gift box.

This type of bracelet stands out for having a set of precious stones. In addition, it is usually made in a slim design, being comfortable to wear and very flexible, so they are not damaged. One of the most common types of tennis bracelets is the one that features a string of diamonds and can be combined with elegant shiny dresses and high shoes.

Leather dream catcher bracelets

Finally, leather bracelets have also become increasingly popular over time. They can be matched with both formal and casual styles, depending on the color and shape of the bracelet. It is ideal for those who are looking for a personalized style to get a more important boho side. They are usually fastened with some type of metal clasp or button. The most important, leather is now accessible to everyone and to every purses.