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Jewels have always been an essential accessory just like sunglasses or watches nowadays. Well chosen, they can be combined with any outfit and will embellish their wearer. At dream catcher earrings, we have taken the model of the dream catcher to offer you original and glamorous creations with a bohemian and glamour side.

Thus, we created ranges of jewelry for all women, you will find bracelets, earrings or necklaces for each of your occasions.


A sparkly dream catcher jewelry for every woman.

To make our jewelry, we use a variety of raw materials ranging from precious or semi-precious stones to sterling silver, through rose gold. You will find jewelry made with quartz, citrine, chalcedony or opal. In short, perfect gifts to offer for Valentine's Day or for you if you are a bridesmaid for example. The use of lethal alloys allows for an important durability of your jewelry.

Each element is worked in our workshops, our team works on all the elements of each of our jewelry: clasp, hooks, lobe, ball studs and so as on. That's why we propose you many models: hooking earrings, earrings studs, leaf earrings, button earrings, long earrings etc.


How do we choose a dream catcher earrings? 

A variety of dream catcher earrings

When it comes to earrings, the variety is endless, since there are different shapes in different sizes, with or without gems. We always think we'll keep the ones we like the most, but do they really suit us? Not all jewelry is suitable for everyone, so today at our shop we want to help you choose your earrings and see if they match the shape of your face and neck.


Long dream catcher earrings for round faces


If you have a round face, long earrings are the ones that will suit you best, because they create an optical effect that seems to elongate the facial features. But if these earrings are not your style, don't worry, you can choose short earrings with square, rectangular or triangular details.

You should avoid earrings with circular shapes like earrings, whether large or small, because they will emphasize the roundness of the face. You should take flower earrings or geometric ones ! 


Round dream catcher earrings for square faces

If you have a square or rectangular face, you will have very marked contours so the objective is to soften them. For this, we will use round earrings. These, by contrasting with the shape of the oval of the face, create a harmony in the face. XXL earrings are ideal for the triangular face and you can choose between large creoles, or long earrings with circular shapes, because they will fit you well. And, if on the contrary, you have an oval face, you are lucky. Oval features are favored by all earrings, you can wear any shape and size, because they will all fit you. Of course, you should consider the size of the neck when choosing the earrings that suit you best.


Dream catcher earrings for long necks

Therefore, if you have a long neck, you can wear the jewelry you want, small, medium or large earrings. But there is one design that cannot be missing in your jewelry box and that is the long earrings . If you don't have them yet, get them because they are particularly advantageous to you; if on the other hand you have a shorter neck, avoid wearing long earrings because they create an unflattering optical effect of diminishing this type of neck, so short earrings can't be missing in your jewelry box.

 A few last words about dream catcher earrings: 

If you very can choose, you still can take several ones in you handbags. So you can switch for all occasions, for instance you can take those made from jade stone or labradorite for datings and white gold and a shiny stone earrings like marcasite for a profesional lunch. If you want to be dazzling you even can take a pair of blue sapphire dream catcher earrings! 

In the online jewelry of dream catcher earrings you will find a wide variety of models waiting for you.
Finally, we will regularly add novelty to our jewellery collections !