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Lapis Lazuli bracelet

Lapis Lazuli, a rare stone with an attractive shade, was discovered 7,000 years ago. Its charm and original appearance fascinate jewellery specialists. It is also well known for its beneficial properties. It is a lithotherapy stone which could make the happiness of more than one.


What is Lapis Lazuli ?

This stone made its appearance more than 7,000 years ago. It is a rock of the Silicate family, recognizable by its azure shade.

The origin of the stone

It is difficult to specify the origin of Lapis Lazuli, but numerous archaeological excavations have revealed that it has been in use since 7000 BC. Its name comes from two Latin words 'lapis' meaning stone and 'lazuli' which translates as 'azure'. This is why the mineral is also called "Azure Stone". Over time, it has been given other names.

In antiquity, it was confused with other stones because of its nuance. Indeed, the Roman author Pliny the Elder described it as a sapphire with golden spots. From the 5th century onwards. When Lapis Lazuli arrived in Europe in the 5th century AD, it was given the title of ultramarinum, a Latin word meaning "ultramarine". This was a way of indicating its distant origin.


Lapis Lazuli through history

The history of this stone goes back to the Neolithic period. It was then used in the manufacture of various jewels, rings and amulets. At one time it was considered a precious stone with the same value as gold.

During the Bronze Age, Lapis Lazuli was known for its symbolic value. It is worth mentioning that its appearance evoking the celestial vault almost bewitched the people of old. They believed in the supernatural forces of the stone and its powerful virtues. It was then used to create seals, amulets or statuettes of animals that were venerated.

Lapis Lazuli also symbolised wealth and power and was used to make objects belonging to kings or gods. This is why it was called "stone of stones", stone of the elite or stone of the gods.

The Egyptian pharaohs used it, for example, to make amulets. In Greco-Roman antiquity, Lapis Lazuli was used as an aphrodisiac, an antidote to snake bites and as a cosmetic product. Since the year 1400, it has been used as a pigment in painting. Today, Lapis Lazuli is an important lithotherapy stone with exceptional benefits.

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Characteristics of Lapis Lazuli

As previously mentioned, Lapis Lazuli is a mineral species belonging to the group of sulphurous aluminium and sodium silicates. It is a metamorphic rock composed mainly of lazurite, which explains its deep blue shade. Veins of pyrite, a yellow-coloured mineral, are scattered throughout the rock. This is why Lapis Lazuli reveals superb golden reflections.

It also contains other minerals such as augite, calcite, mica, iron, zinc, selenium, cobalt and silver. Lapis Lazuli is an opaque stone with a relatively low hardness of between 5.5 and 6 on the Mohs scale. Its density ranges from 2.7 to 2.9. In the past, Lapis Lazuli was considered a precious stone. Today it is classified as a semi-precious stone.

Its main deposits are located in Afghanistan, particularly in the province of Badakhshan. The most beautiful stones came from this country. Lapis Lazuli mines can also be found in Russia, Canada, Chile, Angola and the United States. However, the gems from these countries are of inferior quality, as they have a much duller complexion.


The virtues of Lapis Lazuli in lithotherapy

Since its appearance, Lapis Lazuli has been recognised as a stone endowed with many virtues. In lithotherapy, it is used to treat various physical, mental and spiritual ailments.

The physical benefits of the stone

Physically, it is a balancing stone, which means that it has a regulating function. It therefore has beneficial effects on many organs. For example, you can use the benefits of lapiz lazuli to treat sight disorders and it particularly improves night vision. It is also an ally in overcoming allergies, treating kidney disease, optimising the functioning of the digestive system and reducing fever.

Lapis Lazuli has a calming effect and is used to treat various skin diseases. It is effective in treating skin rashes and alleviating pain due to inflammation. This gem also promotes hair and nail growth and can eliminate dandruff. In addition, it strengthens the respiratory system and is an effective remedy for coughs, pharyngeal diseases and tonsil inflammations.

Lapis Lazuli is a great ally for people with high blood pressure and also has the power to regulate blood pressure. On top of all this, it is able to soothe migraines and headaches. Finally, it improves the functioning of the hearing system and can be a great help for the hearing impaired or people suffering from tinnitus.


Lapis Lazuli women

The psychological and psychic benefits of Lapis Lazuli

As far as the psychological benefits of the lapiz lazuli stone are concerned, it increases self-confidence. It is a true symbol of courage and hope which is beneficial for shy or introverted people. It can also help you overcome your limits and excel in the art of communication. It also stimulates creativity, which makes it an ally for people working in the field of art.

To the list of virtues of lapiz lazuli, we must add its ability to provide serenity and inner peace. It therefore offers precious help to people with an angry temperament. Thus, it is able to reduce anger and resentment. It is also the perfect lithotherapy stone to calm anxieties, fight against stress and prevent depression. In other words, it improves moral health.

In addition to all this, Lapis Lazuli brings joy and tenderness. A stone of love and friendship, it also has the power to strengthen the bonds between two friends or two lovers.

The spiritual benefits of the gemstone

Lapis Lazuli is a protective stone and has been used for centuries as a talisman or amulet. It is able to ward off evil spirits and reduce the effects of the curse. This gem also contributes to spiritual elevation through its heavenly power. Its ability to stabilise the mind and stimulate intuition is also worth mentioning. You can use Lapis Lazuli to memorize your premonitory dreams and interpret them.

In addition to all this, the stone is widely used in the field of meditation. Indeed, Lapis Lazuli promotes inner vision and helps with introspection. Moreover, it should not be forgotten that it stimulates concentration, which helps to ensure the success of your meditation session.

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How to use Lapis Lazuli

As a fine stone, it is used to shape jewellery. But like any lithotherapy stone, it is also available in rough or rolled form. What about its mode of use?

To be placed on the chakras

This is the best way to use Lapis Lazuli. To stimulate hair and nail regrowth, it is advisable to place a rolled stone in the base chakra. To treat respiratory problems, a Lapis Lazuli stone should be placed on the throat chakra.

To be placed on the organs to be treated

To cure a disease, a rolled Lapis Lazuli stone is placed on the organ concerned. To treat skin disorders, for example, it is placed on the affected area.

To be worn as jewellery

To benefit from the protection and beneficial properties of Lapis Lazuli, it is also a good idea to wear a jewel adorned with this stone on a daily basis. You can choose between necklaces, bracelets and rings. In addition, it is a beautiful fashion accessory.


Other instructions for using the stone

There are many ways to enjoy the benefits of Lapis Lazuli. To relieve headaches or migraines, for example, place a rolled stone under the pillow. To combat high blood pressure, it is advisable to place a rough stone in the bedroom. You can also slip a piece of the gem into your pocket for everyday protection.

Purification and recharging of the stone

Like all minerals used in lithotherapy, it is important to purify and recharge Lapis Lazuli at the right time so that it can give you all its virtues.

Cleaning the stone

By cleaning it, you can rid it of all negative energies. This is why this operation is strongly recommended before using a stone you have just acquired. The same is true after a lithotherapy session or some time of use. How to proceed? You need a container made of natural material such as wood or glass. Simply fill it with distilled water and place the stone in it overnight. Attention! The Lapis Lazuli does not tolerate salt.

Charging the crystal

The best way to recharge a lapis lazuli stone is to place it under natural light. However, it is not advisable to leave the stone in the sun for prolonged exposure. It is better to opt for lunar light. You can also place it in a quartz heap or in an amethyst geode.

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Lapis Lazuli is a sublime stone of blue colour with golden reflections. It decorates several ornaments and is also to be discovered in the form of rolled stone or rough stone. It is a stone with many physical, psychological and spiritual benefits. It can cure many disorders, strengthen self-confidence, and provide finesse of mind. Do not hesitate to take advantage of all the virtues of Lapis Lazuli by wearing it daily or by using it during a lithotherapy session.