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Onyx bracelet


Onyx is one of the oldest stones and was once used in black magic rituals. But Onyx, with its fascinating beauty, was also known for its many benefits. This is why this mineral has an important role in lithotherapy. Discover the characteristics and properties of this stone.

What is Onyx?

Onyx belongs to the group of silicates, in the subclass of testosilicates. Existing for thousands of years, it is an exceptional stone associated with many legends.

Origin and meaning of its name
Etymologically, the word Onyx comes from the ancient Greek word "Onux" meaning nail or claw. In ancient times, this name was given to all minerals or shells that looked like nails. According to Greek mythology, the name of the stone came from Cupid, the little god of love. He used his magic arrows to cut the nails of his mother, Venus. Perishable, the clippings landed on the banks of a river in India. The goddesses of destiny, the Fates, then transformed them into stones. They were baptised Onyx. In Antiquity, all Calcedonian stones also bore this name. Some of them had the colour of the nail.