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Amethyst Bracelet, Mala Bracelet - Healing

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Amethyst is a particularly powerful stone by its own properties, but also because it has the power to reinforce the properties of other stones when associated with it.

Amethyst improves concentration and promotes creativity. It is, therefore, highly recommended for artists and creators who use their imagination as a means of expression, whose spirit it clears.

This stone is an ally in times of stress and/or anguish that it dissipates. It also soothes pain, anger, tension and hypersensitivity. What makes it a stabilizing stone of energies.

This Amethyst Buddhist Mala Bracelet and its Rock Crystal Pendant, besides being a beautiful jewel, is highly recommended when one needs to maintain a good concentration during activities as well as during yoga and meditation sessions. People who are prone to anxiety or stress will also find a weighty ally with this bracelet to soothe them.

This Amethyst Buddhist Mala Bracelet and its Rock Crystal Pendant is an absolutely beautiful creation.

  • Metals: Zinc alloy
  • Diameter of the pearls: 0.3 inch
  • Length of the bracelet: 23.60 inches to wrap around the wrist

 French design 
 Superior quality, handmade
 Free international shipping 
 Part of the profits will be donated to associations