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Amethyst Bracelet - Zen

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Amethyst as precious as it is powerful, promotes creativity and improves concentration which it stimulates permanently. It clears the mind while developing the imagination. It is generally highly recommended for artists and creators. It is also a soothing stone, because it calms anxieties and worries, soothes sorrows, dissipates stress and other nervous tension. It calms anger and is a true ally to promote meditation. It is by itself a stabilizer of energies and in association with other stones it amplifies the energies of each one.

On the physical level, its actions are numerous. It is effective in treating many ailments such as infections and other hormonal imbalances, headaches and insomnia.

This "Zen" Bracelet is made of natural Amethyst beads is offered in 4 different "Charm" versions whose pendants are engraved with a Buddha, a Tree of Life, the syllable "Om" or a Lotus flower of your choice.

The stones used for the realization of this very beautiful jewel are genuine semi-precious Amethysts which were selected for their great quality and their unquestionable beneficial virtues.

  • S/M: Standard size - 7.5 inches

 French design 
 Superior quality, handmade
 Free international shipping 
 Part of the profits will be donated to associations