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Incense Burner - Cloud Dragon

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 Traditional Tibetan design 
 Superior quality, handmade
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 Part of the profits will be donated to associations 

This majestic incense burner creates a delightful scent to perfume and purify your home.

In Asia, the dragon is a symbol of power, it is the totem animal of emperors. It is a positive emblem, and people born under this sign are endowed with intelligence, charisma, natural seduction and tenacity.

Our know-how for your home

A handcrafted jewel

Hand made and carved with Tibetan craftsmanship, this piece will be an asset to embellish your interior. This emblematic masterpiece will decorate any room from your living room to your bedroom.

powerful color, sturdy ceramics

Our ceramics come from the mines of Laurion in Greece. One fired at 1652 degrees, the clay from this geographical area gives a powerful color but above all an exceptional solidity that allows us to work on every detail.

a sensual fragrance

Perfume your home with our wide range of fragrances. Incense has in addition to its relaxing effect, an antibacterial effect!

20 incense cones are incluedfor your purchase.