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Incense Burner - Little Buddha

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Burning incense has multiple benefits:

  • It promotes your well-being, purifies your living space, soothes or energizes your body and mind.
  • You gain in serenity, concentration and relaxation.
  • Perfect for a gift or for decoration 
  • Watching the smoke flow like a trickle of water helps relax the body and mind 
  • This small incense fountain invites us to a calm and attentive mind
  • 20 incense cones are included

The volutes of smoke will escape giving a true illusion of cascade and associated with the perfumes which you will have selected, you will feel that your olfactory receptors will activate your brain waves to obtain the result which you seek according to the alleviating or energizing perfume.

This Small hand-made ceramic Zen Buddha cascade incense censer offers you the choice among 4 colors. It is conceived on the principle of the cones with repression, cones available on the store. However, you can also use stick incense as a complement, which will reveal even more charm.

This Small ceramic Zen Buddha waterfall is very decorative and will easily find its place in your interior. By posing a cone of lighted incense, Buddha in position of meditation will bring you immediately a feeling of wellbeing. 

This Small ceramic Zen Buddha Zen waterfall censer will be delivered to you with 20 cones offered. Sanitize your space and improve your wellbeing by adopting this Small Zen Buddha waterfall ceramic censer.

  • 100% ceramic 
  • Height: 4.92 inches 
  • Width: 3.34 inches