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Lapis Lazuli Bracelet, Tree of Life - Intuition and Creativity

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In general, Lapis Lazuli is a mentally effective stone for increasing intuition, imagination and creativity. It helps communication and dialogue by clarifying the mind, allowing speech to flourish. It fights against fears, anxieties and all forms of anxiety by releasing emotional blockages. On the physical level, Lapis Lazuli relieves inflammations, cramps, headaches, many pains and improves vitality.

The Tree of Life is a sacred symbol in many cultures, as it is considered the link between earth and heaven. It represents life, longevity, strength and rebirth. It also represents the cycle of time, seasons and its power to survive in nature.

This "intuition & creativity" bracelet in Lapis Lazuli and charm Tree of Life is made from 0.3 inch lapis lazuli semi-precious stones selected for their high quality and for the beneficial properties they provide to the body, both physical and mental or emotional, and zinc alloy. It is equipped with a high security clasp.

  • S/M: Standard size - 7.5 inches

 French design 
 Superior quality, handmade
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 Part of the profits will be donated to associations