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Onyx Bracelet, Lapis Lazuli - Protection and Regeneration

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Onyx when worn close to the heart or around the neck is particularly regenerating. Its properties act as well on the physical as on the mental. The energy it provides allows you to acquire strength to cope with difficult times, because it is a powerful stone that improves your resistance and your nervous functions. It supports you to lead you to better stress management, more confidence and more self-control. For couples, the Onyx calms arguments and other conflicts while promoting confidence.

Lapis Lazuli, widely recognized in lithotherapy, fights many inconveniences both physically and mentally. It acts on certain pains and relieves various inflammations, such as sore throats, coughs or headaches and reduces fevers, as well as pain of nervous origin. It strengthens blood circulation, nails and hair, and calms water retention.

Lapis Lazulialso acts on the mind to increase the potential of imagination, improving intuition and freeing creativity for better productivity. It releases fears, anxieties and blockages, especially when they are linked to emotions. People concerned by communication problems will find in Lapis Lazuli the necessary help to encourage repartee and dialogue, freeing speech to allow it to flourish.

This superb Bracelet in Black Onyx and Lapis Lazuli combines elegance with the beneficial effects of the properties of these stones for your general well-being.

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