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Onyx Bracelet - Self Control and Wisdom

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Onyx is an excellent protective stone. Therefore, the blue Onyx is also one. In addition, it is a stone of interior strength which helps to center itself and also to center the energies and makes it possible to acquire a better control of oneself, in particular in the event, or in period, of stress as well mental as physical. As it is the stone of the throat chakra, the Blue Onyx helps to regulate the voice and improves the elocution by stimulating the throat. It increases endurance and increases the determination of the person wearing it.

"Om" is a symbol of compassion and wisdom, which has been used for centuries by monks during their prayers. 

You will love the depth of color of this bracelet with natural blue Onyx charm. It is composed of 3 inches semi-precious stone beads as well as cylindrical beads and a charm "Om".

 French design 
 Superior quality, handmade
 Free international shipping 
 Part of the profits will be donated to associations