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Onyx Bracelet, Tiger's eye, Hematite - Extreme Protection

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Hematite is a stone of fortification, it purifies and tones the body, especially the blood. It helps to obtain a better absorption of iron. This stone increases the strength of resistance, vitality and tone. On the mental level, it develops courage and willpower. It is also a stone that removes negative energies.

Tiger's Eye is a stone that acts as a real shield against negative energies and bad waves. It preserves positive energies. Because of this, it is an extremely protective stone.

Black Onyx is a stimulating and very powerful stone which helps in the management of the stress by making it possible to better apprehend the problems. It improves the nervous functions, reinforces the self-confidence to obtain a better control of oneself in everyday life. These 3 stones, when combined, complement each other ideally to produce the most beneficial benefits to those who wear them.

This magnificent "Extreme Protection" Bracelet in matte Onyx, Tiger's eye and Hematite is made of natural stones of 6 mm and available in 3 sizes, it will not fail to endow you with a beautiful elegance by adapting perfectly with all your outfits.


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 Part of the profits will be donated to associations