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Onyx Bracelet, Tiger's eye - Persuasion Force

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Black Onyxis a powerful stone that assists you to gain better control of yourself. It is an important and powerful support during stressful episodes. It is therefore useful to improve nervous functions. The combination of Tiger's Eye and Black Onyx to make this beautiful bracelet allows you to strengthen yourself to help you increase your capacity of persuasion. This quality is essential in certain professions that require this ability.

Tiger's Eyehelps to combat stress. It is a protective stone that keeps away harmful vibrations and negative energies. It is a natural shield for the wearer. It promotes calmness and allows you to detach yourself from worries, fears and anxieties. It soothes depression and all forms of agitation.

This beautiful Black Onyx and Tiger Eye Persuasion Bracelet is superbly elegant.
By adorning yourself with this Bracelet of persuasion in Black Onyx and Tiger's Eye, you equip yourself with a good protection and you make sure to benefit from the undeniable benefits of these 2 natural stones. 

 French design 
 Superior quality, handmade
 Free international shipping 
 Part of the profits will be donated to associations